A Year in Review of 2022


Hi y’all, Sabrina here with a new blog for Levi Cox, Realtor with United Country Blue Ridge Land and Auction. Christmas in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd County is simply
magical. It has been colder than normal, so we are nestled in our tiny country cottage enjoying the festivities of the season. During this time, Levi and I enjoy reminiscing over events of the year. I don’t know about y’all, but 2022 was a year of change for the Cox Crew. Beginning in January of this year Levi was appointed as interim Board of Supervisor for the Locust Grove District. He was elected in November to continue serving our county in this capacity. To learn more about Levi’s heart of service for his county check out the first blog, http://www.levicoxrealtor.com/whoislevicoxrealtor.htm. Now don’t worry, he is still a rock star
realtor working endlessly for his clients to ensure your housing and land needs are met. As a matter of fact, he attended United County United Power class in Kansas City, Missouri this December for further education to better serve you, his clients.

Levi’s new service opportunity wasn’t the only change, our daughter celebrated her 16th birthday in July. She began her driving privilege in October and started working at a local grocer, Slaughter’s Supermarket. She is enjoying the typical teenage scene of hanging with her friends in various local venues, such as New River Vally Mall, Target, Regal Cinemas, etc. Our son, decided to hang up his football cleats this year and try his talents with Hare Scramble dirt bike races through VCHSS. This was a new adventure for the whole family and after the first race he is hooked. He began at the end of the season and is looking forward to the new season which begins in March. There was a slight change with me as well. I was hired with Floyd County High School as an instructional assistant and love every minute.

Well, there was a little update or a year in review of 2022 for the Cox Crew. Be sure to like Levi’s Facebook page, Levi Cox - Realtor, United Country Real Estate Blue Ridge Land & Auction. He has uploaded two new videos focusing on the current market for Floyd County and the New River Valley. Don’t forget to #listwithLevi and checkout his current listings at http://www.levicoxrealtor.com/index.html. Until next time enjoy your little piece of the country.