Why Do A Final Walk Through Before Closing?

You’ve made it!  You are finally ready to sign at the lawyer’s office to purchase the home of your dreams.  Before signing the initial paperwork for ownership Levi Cox, Realtor with United Country Blue Ridge Land and Auction will request a final walkthrough.  Why is this important and should this be done?  Let us explain the importance of this step before the finality of the purchase.  Below are four reasons for a final walkthrough:


1. Ensure everything is up to par and as it was or should be

2. The home is clean.

3. No items left behind by the seller that was not previously discussed or listed in the contract

4. Repairs made as requested/required for the purchase

A final walkthrough ensures everything is up to par and as it should be, the way it was when you viewed the home initially.  As the buyer you want everything structurally to look as it did when you first viewed the home.  It is also important to note that specific items were left as discussed in the initial contract, such as refrigerator, range, and dishwasher for examples.  As a seller it is essential when moving that physical damage to the home doesn’t occur, and those items listed in the contract are not removed.  Sellers are to ensure the home is clean.  Most contracts discuss broom clean therefore no need for a deep clean, however the home needs to look presentable without trash or personal items left that the buyer would need to remove before moving in.  When leaving your home consider the person moving in and leave nothing behind for them to handle that was not previously discussed. 

 With most home purchases a home inspection is requested.  With this home inspection certain repairs may be agreed upon by the buyer and seller.  With this agreement these repairs are to be completed prior to closing.  During the final walkthrough it will be observed if the repairs have been completed.  Once the walkthrough is complete then the buyer is able to have comfort in signing for ownership at the lawyer’s office.  

            Levi Cox, Realtor with United Country Blue Ridge Land and Auction is present during the final walkthrough to make certain everything meets the contract conditions.  He is with you throughout the entire process, communicating on your behalf.  As stated in previous blogs, Levi works for you and will be with you throughout the entire process.  Look at his website http://levicoxrealtor.com/index.html for information on Levi, his team, and properties currently listed.  Remember to #listwithLevi and until next time enjoy your little piece of the country.