Holidays and Real Estate

    Hi everyone, Sabrina here with a Christmas blog for Levi.  The Holiday season is upon us again and most are busy shopping, preparing food, decorating and traveling to see family and friends.  Levi and I would like to thank each of you (past and current clients) for choosing Levi for your property selling and buying needs.  Without you Levi would not be able to do what he enjoys.  While we are beginning to wind down the 2021 year, we are also gearing up for the upcoming year and increasing the ways Levi and his team can further assist clients.  We are excited for the New Year and what it holds and our hope is you are too.  

    Buying and selling property does not cease during the holidays.  Levi is still meeting with people every day to either list their property or to look at a property.  The market is still chugging along with little movement in interest rates over the last week.  It is still a sellers market however it is not as heavy as it was this past Spring.  Levi informed “land listings seem to be on the rise, however this often occurs during tax season.”   

    Some may ask if listing/selling your property during this season is a good idea.  Levi says, “ I would advise yes it is, generally the spring market an influx of listings arrives.  In the winter months less folks are considering selling so there is less inventory to compete with.   As a seller you may find showings will decrease around the holidays simply because of family events, however when you do have showings most of the time these buyers are extremely serious.”  For buyers, Levi shares you shouldn’t see a difference during the holiday season.  He continued,  “A few things that come to mind could be scheduling showings with sellers such as having a family event for the holidays.   Most motivated sellers make the necessary arrangements to have as many showings as possible though.   As a buyer you may see a slight delay in processing loan applications because of the closure of offices during the holidays.  But other than a few days here and there I don't think a buyer is going to see much difference as they look to view homes during Christmas and New Years”

    As we are wrapping up 2021 and beginning to look forward to 2022 Levi and his team want to wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year!  May your house buying and selling dreams come true in the coming year.  Until next time enjoy your little piece of the country and remember to #listwithLevi!