Calling All Sellers

Levi Cox - United Country Real Estate Blue Ridge Land & Auction

            Hello there, its Sabrina again with another blog for Levi Cox Realtor – United County Blue Ridge Land and Auction.  It’s been a blessed summer with the Cox family as we are enjoying the hustle and bustle as well as preparing for the children to return to school in a few short weeks.  Before diving into the subject matter, I want to let you know we are thankful for all of you who reach out to Levi to assist in your property selling and buying needs.  We are grateful! 

As most of you are aware it is a seller’s market with plentiful buyers but limited stock of properties.  If you have been considering selling your property but uncertain of next steps or have questions, then this blog is perfect for you!  Let’s discuss why choose Levi with United Country Blue Ridge Land and Auction Real Estate.  Levi shared with me that United Country Real Estate was established in 1925 and has a national presence.  They have proven performance in marketing all types of properties, whether land, home or commercial.  Furthermore, there are over 600 offices in the nation and United Country Blue Ridge Land and Auction Real Estate has ranked in the top 10 since 2016 for sales volume.  With nearly 100 years in the business United Country Real Estate has demonstrated their ability to work for you!  

When interviewing Levi on what’s important for sellers to know and what the process consists of, he informed me his focus is not only on assisting you with selling your property but developing a relationship with you.  Building relationships is important to him as this is crucial in the selling and buying process.  In the words of Levi, “Real estate is much more than selling your home it is a relationship business.”  He continued to state, “Most folks ask the most important question ‘what is my property worth.’  It is hard to value this question without laying eyes on the property, so a good visit is always the first step in the process.”  When you make the initial call or message Levi, he will schedule a meeting with you at your property.  He isn’t concerned about the home being spotless as he wants to discuss the property as well as the plan moving forward.  Levi assured, “I believe the seller needs to make sure they are comfortable with the plan we project as we move forward.   So, save some time and don’t rush around to clean just yet.  Let’s meet, make a plan then we will call the photographer.”  

During the initial meeting Levi will view your property and discuss your plan as well as discuss the procedure of selling your home/property.  He informed me that situations vary and sometimes sellers decide not to sell after the initial meeting.  This is okay, as I’ve shared before Levi wants to build a relationship with you and is considering your best interest in the selling of your home/property.  When you choose to list/sell your home with Levi he will begin discussing an action plan with you.  He informed me, “If we decide to move forward with a plan of action we will talk about the internal business workings, including terms of the listing agreement, projected value of the property and timeline of expectations to complete. The seller is usually provided a comparable sales market of similar properties, so they know how the market is responding to properties such as theirs.”  

Once a plan is decided upon pictures will be scheduled for your property.  The photography process can be simple or more in depth depending on the style of property and price range.  What does more in-depth photography consist of?  Levi shared they offer drone photography as well as 3D virtual imagery in addition to standard photography.  Not only will you receive quality photos of your property a descriptive brief will be created of your property capitalizing on SEO keywords for online searches.  Once this descriptive brief and photography are complete Levi advised “your property will be marketed or live for the buyer market to observe.  Then it is time for showings, contract and closing!”  

We hope this blog has been informative of the beginning processes of listing your property.  Levi is here to help you through the process.  Give him a call 540-230-7162 or send him a message ( to discuss further.  Remember to #ListwithLevi and until next time enjoy your little piece of the country!