Importance of Buying Land


            Hello everyone, its Sabrina with blog number six for Levi Cox- Realtor with United Country Blue Ridge Land and Auction.  The holidays are over, and the new year has begun.  Many people make New Year’s resolutions or goals to begin the new year.  Levi and his team had an annual business plan meeting and did the same thing.  We developed goals for 2022 and look forward to better assisting you!

            I’m sure some of you’ve heard the song on country music radio referring to buying dirt.  In this song it discusses the importance of living life, not letting anything hold you back from enjoying the life you’ve been gifted.  It also makes the statement to buy dirt or buy land.  Why is it important to buy land?  Well to help shed some light on the subject Levi gave some advice on why buying land is a good investment.  First, land is only important to purchase if you have a passion to own it.  As Levi shared, “in order to maintain and increase the value of the land you will need to spend time on it to keep it in great condition.”  However, this is a case-by-case basis as some properties will need a lot of attention while other will not require as much such as a wooded parcel.  “Over decades and centuries land has proven to be an asset to owners both monetarily and non-monetary”, Levi stated.

            Everyone’s reason to purchase land varies, such as to build a dream home, recreation purposes or to hold for an investment in the future while the land appreciates.  When considering these options people often want to know land value of which Levi exclaimed “there is no exact formula for land value.”  “Often times it is best to determine the value of the land as to what a buyer is willing to pay for it.”  Value depends on multiple factors such as open or wooded, steep or level, accessed easily or by deeded right of ways.  These also influence the pricing and desire ability of the land tract.  

            As stated above regarding the country song referring to buying dirt, Levi iterated that this song sums up why investing in God’s earth is a great idea.  It’s simple, “He isn’t making any more of it,” Levi shared.  Buy the land, build the home, ride the horses, have the farm, enjoy the ATVs or let it be an investment for the future.  Whatever your need for land give Levi a call and #listiwthLevi.  Until next time, enjoy your little piece of the country.