Why List With A Realtor?

Before we dive into the top 4 reasons you should list your property with a realtor, let’s discuss reasons why people choose “For Sale by Owner.”  Conceivably the main reason people choose to list their homes without realtor representation is to save money toward commission.  Now let’s discuss why this isn’t always a good option.

Here are the 4 main reasons you should list your property with Levi Cox, Realtor with United Country Blue Ridge Land and Auction:

Communication – the realtor is hired by you and works for you


Community connections

Knowledge of Real Estate Market

Communication is a crucial aspect of life.  When property owners decide to sell their property and choose to do so without real estate representation, they choose to communicate on their behalf solo.  Realtors are hired by you and work for you, the seller.  Not only does the Realtor communicate with you they also communicate and negotiate with other realtors, lawyers, inspectors, etc.  They are skilled in communication, negotiation and knowing how to ensure the property is sold with the least amount of difficulty.  When selling your property solo you are responsible for communication with other potential buyers, realtors, lawyers, inspections, etc.  This can present challenges and extensive amounts of time.

Social media is used by most people and is a way to market property.  However, by example, a private Facebook following will only allow a certain amount of people and communities to see the property for sale.  With business pages on social media Levi Cox, Realtor with United Country Blue Ridge Land and Auction reaches a larger platform of people with interest in real estate properties.  He also has a team that works for him (here is a blog discussing his team http://levicoxrealtor.com/levicoxrealtorteamintroductions.htm) His marketing manager helps with ensuring each property receives top exposure through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.  Properties are also placed on the local MLS (multiple listing systems) which leads to exposure on Zillow and Realtor.com.  

Local Realtors relate to their community.  Most live in the community of which they work and specialize in certain areas and properties.  Levi grew up in his community and has multiple connections with locals.  He specializes in country living properties (land and homes).  Check out his agent bio on his website http://levicoxrealtor.com/index.html  or the blog about Levi and his real estate endeavor at http://levicoxrealtor.com/whoislevicoxrealtor.htm.  While most homeowners are also connected with their communities it can be an important piece in the selling of your property.

This next topic is one of the most important aspects of listing property, knowledge of the current real estate market.  While the market continues to be a sellers’ market a real estate agent knows how the market tends to shift and what people look for in properties regarding price.  When a realtor is given the opportunity to list a property, they work for the seller with ensuring their home is sold for top amount.  However, it is important to note, homes that are priced too high may be difficult to sell for multiple reasons.  As a seller you also do not want to price your home too low.  Levi looks at sold properties in the area for knowledge in how best to price your home or land.  This understanding helps him explain the market to you, the seller. 

Selling property has challenges and often choosing realtor representation, such as Levi Cox, helps with placing those challenges on someone with knowledge on how to manage them.  He will help you throughout the entire process of selling your home from when the listing contract is signed to the closing table.  

Until next time, enjoy your little piece of the country!